Why should I register?

1) Convenience

Registering provides convenience, you will no longer need to carry the inconvenient CDC COVID-19 Vaccination Record Card, that does not fit properly in a wallet, and will wear out quickly.

If you register with the NCIR’s free account, you will be provided a QR Code that stores on your cell phone just like any other photo. If asked to provide proof of your COVID vaccination status, the QR Code can be scanned (using any cell-phone browser) and your CDC COVID card is displayed.

You may ask why you can’t just keep a copy of the card on your phone? You can. But that can easily be questioned for validity as there is forging of cards. Registering with NCIR adds a level of credibility to the validity of your COVID vaccine card. The registration process requires double photo-ID verification so the registry knows it is you submitting your data on your own behalf, and not someone spoofing you. The QR Code linked the the eMedRecords.org registry website will give your card the validation it may need.

By registering for an NCIR paid account, you will also receive a hard PVC plastic wallet card displaying your QR Code, your ID photo, name, date of birth, and your COVID vaccination data on the front, and your CDC COVID vaccine card on the back.

2) Medical Safety - in case of Lot # Recall

This is a great reason to register. Whether you choose a Free or Paid account we will provide Lot # tracking and recall service. Should the CDC announce a recall it will include the Lot #’s affected. Since most vaccines are given at public health facilities where there is no tracking mechanism, should a recall occur, the NCIR will provide you with a notification should your Lot #(s) be included with the recall.

For those who received vaccination in a private medical office, that office most likely has recorded your Lot #, but has no way to track it and know to contact you in case of a recall. You should also register for this valuable service.

3) Data Research

The data accumulated by the NCIR could be valuable to the CDC, pharmaceutical makers, and others. Desensitized data could provide great insight into vaccine and COVID-spreading trends.

Desensitized mean your personal identifying information will never be disclosed. What may be disclosed is what vaccines were given, what part of the country (based on where you received your vaccine, NOT your address), and your age-range based on your birthdate. Your name, address, email address nor birth date will ever be disclosed.




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