Who is eMedRecords and why did they create the NCIR?

CompuKID - on the Internet since Feb of 1995. The backbone of the NCIR

The NCIR was conceived due to the need for a COVID vaccine tracking system. eMedRecords produces CompuKID, a unique immunization scheduling, tracking and decision dupport system that is the perfect backbone needed to operate an immunization registry properly. eMedRecords has consulted with the states of NY, NJ, CO, MN and others about their statewide immunization registries and showed each state’s Department of Health why their registries would not succeed without a product such as ComuKID behind it, and, without a nationwide system the usefulness of the registry would be limited.

With COVID now inundating our lives in so many ways, eMedRecords saw the need to readdress a nationwide immunization tracking system. History shows the CDC will not do this on a federal level, and without it being nationwide the effective becomes limited. As Elon Musk showed with SpaceX, a public/private partnership is a great way to get things done and not just wait for others (government) to solve problems. eMedRecords is taking this same approach by creating the NCIR.

Immunization scheduling is more complex than one would imagine, ask a pediatrician, it is truly rocket science, eMedRecords’ CompuKID system is the only system that properly manages all aspects of immunization management. CompuKID has a comprehensive scheduling system, inventory management, lot # tracking and recall reporting and a comprehensive scheduling decision support system.

CompuKID’s decision support system knows what immunizations are Due, Past Due and Future Due. It prevents vaccines from being administered when not required or when a scheduling requirement have not been satisfied, and, it prevents missed opportunities to immunize as currently-due immunizations are often missed, again, due to the complex nature of immunization scheduling.

Since its first installation in 1993, CompuKID has recorded over 4,000,000 immunizations in private pediatric offices.

eMedRecords’, formerly Pediatric Software International, history

eMedRecords’ medical record system history goes back to 1982 when Daniel Frieling, P.R.S., a computer software engineer, system designer, inventor, created a specialized system for Colgate-Palmolive (for Dr. Anthony Volpe) to solve the problem of collecting dental data during research studies.

CompuKID was conceived by Daniel in 1993 and under the input-guidance of the University of Colorado’s Department of Pediatrics James Lustig, MD and Benjamin Gitterman, MD,, the system was created,

In 1994, eMedRecords (under their original name Pediatric Software International) contracted with the American Academy of Pediatrics to officially endorse the CompuKID product as the first and only computer software this group had ever officially endorsed,

In 1995, with Wendy Whittington, MD, Assistant Professor of Pediatrics Univ of Vermont, Daniel created the concept of electronic medical records being utilized directly in the exam room on wireless handheld computers - running over the Internet,

CompuKID became the first internet delivered Electronic Medical Records, Only one manufacturer produced wireless networking equipment at the time, Proxim, Inc., who supplied all necessary hardware to complete the project and wrote a case-study article (page 2) about a subsequent eMedRecords’ wireless medical record delivery project.

CompuKID has been, and still is, the Gold Standard of immunization scheduling and tracking



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