What is the NCIR - National COVID Immunization Registry?

The NCIR was founded due to the current need to provide COVID vaccination status when and where requested, and, provide a Lot # Recall System should a recall occur.

To solve the status problem, the NCIR produces hard PVC plastic wallet-cards with all pertinent information. Click to view a sample card front and  card-back. To solve the Lot # recall problem, the NCIR utilizes a system named CompuKID (click to see flyer-front) to store and maintain the immunization data. Should there be a Lot # recall, CompuKID (click to see flyer-back) will produce a recall report allowing the NCIR to contact those affected.

Kenneth Hirsch, MD, a board certified pediatrician, was an early adopter of CompuKID when he created one of the first-ever fully paperless medical offices. Dr. Hirsch knows the power of CompuKID and knows that CompuKID knows more than doctors about immunization scheduling. As a result of over 20 years of CompuKID working knowledge, Dr. Hirsch knows this is the right system to back up the NCIR.

Being asked about your COVID vaccination status

HIPAA does not prevent the question from being asked “Are you vaccinated against COVID?”
HIPAA does not prevent a request to provide proper documentation to prove immunization status.
HIPAA only applies to Healtcare Providers, Insurance Carriers, Government Agencies, it does not have jurisdiction outside of those 3 entities. Private educational institutions (private schools, universities), restaurants, movie theaters, and grocery stores all have the legal right to ask your vaccination status and request proof.

What HIPAA protects: asking why a person is not immunized.

For instance, if a person is asked “Are you immunized?” and the answer is “no”, HIPAA does protect against the followup question “Why not?”, that question does not need to be answered and in HIPAA-protected situations this qustion would be a violation.

An employer may ask vaccination status, and request proof, but cannot ask an employee why (s)he is not vaccinated. The reason may be religious, philosophical or medical, all of which are considered to be private information that is HIPAA protected A person choosing to not answer the vaccination status question, for safety reasons, should be considered non-vaccinated.

To prove your vaccination status one must rely on the paper-card given at the the time of vaccination. The cards do not properly fit in a wallet, are not the right size to laminate, and will easily wear out over time. To solve this problem, the NCIR produces hard PVC plastic wallet-cards (paid service) with all pertinent information. Click to view a sample card front and  card-back.

It is important to have as many vaccinated people as possible in the Registry due to the critical-nature of the Lot # tracking system. For this reason the NCIR has a Free Registration option.

Utilizing the Free option gives the registrant the protection of the Lot # tracking system but does not include the PVC plastic wallet card. The Free account however does provide a unique QR Code which the registrant can easily store on a cell-phone or print and laminate. The QR Code when scanned displays the NCIR copy of the registrants CDC vaccination card.

The concept of immunization registries has been discussed since mid/late 1990’s on the federal and state levels. The CDC decided an immunization registry is a state-by-state issue and not one to be taken on nationally. That was a huge mistake. For instance, a child may be registered in the NYC registry and moved to FL, there is no transfer of the immunization data from one state to another.

Over 20 years later there is still no registry in most states, there is no state-to-state communications, and in states such as FL, the governor announced there would be no statewide passport system. With federal reluctance to produce a working nationalized vaccine tracking system, and states not providing the service, this leaves it to the NCIR Initiative of creating a privatized COVID vaccine registry, as a starting point. Eventually this could, hopefully, lead to a usable, viable, national vaccine registry.

For information of why eMedRecords and the CompuKID system are the right entities to build the NCIR please read about eMedRecords.





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