NCIR - National COVID Immunization Registration

Free and paid accounts need to register using the same method.
Once you complete the registration process you will be provided the option to upgrade your Registration to the Paid option and receive a PVC (credit card type plastic) wallet card with your COVID vaccination record and QR Code,

Please complete the registration formj. Only fill in the fields that match what is on your COVID vaccination record. Please transcribe Lot #s carefully. Please do not include extra information such a Medical Record #, we do not need that information.

Why do we ask for your personal information such as address, email address and phone number?

There are multiple reasons we do this. The most important, should there be a vaccine recall that affects a Lot # you received we want to be able to contact you. If we cannot send you Email, for instance you have a new email address, we still need to be able to contact you so we may write a letter or even call if a situation is considered critical.

We also need this information to help identify you should you need a replacement QR Code (free service) or printed PVC card (pad service). Many people have similar names and may even have the same name and birthdate so we need more information to properly lookup your record.

What will we do with your contact information?

The NCIR may send postal mail with information about COVID and/or the NCIR. or other information that may or may not be based on your vaccine data (lot #, manufacturer, recalls, etc)

may send Email with information about COVID and./or the NCIR, or other information that may or may not be based on your vaccine data (lot #, manufacturer, recalls, etc).

The NCIR would most likely never call you by phone unless there is a true reason to do so.

The NCIR will not send out anything other than an occasional email, the NCIR does not plan on filling your INBOX with junk.

What will the NCIR NOT due with your contact information?

The NCIR will NOT sell your private contact information nor supply a copy of your COVID vaccine forms to any outside group for any reason.ANY and ALL communications you receive based on your registering with the NCIR will be for NCIR purposes ONLY! NCIR National COVID Immunization Registry

A Public Sector / Private Enterprise Initiative

Information/questions, send Email:
Medical professionals, Press, Corporate sponsors,please Email or call: (404) 4-NatReg / (404) 462-8734


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Medical professionals, Press, Corporate sponsorship,please Email or call: (404) 4-NatReg / (404) 462-8734