● The NCIR Free Registration  requires the same verification information as the Paid Registration. All submissions, Free or Paid, are verified.

● Once your identification has been verified, the NCIR will email a QR Code as a JPG image.

The QR Code contains a link to your online form. Simply scan the QR code and your COVID vaccine card will be displayed

● You may save the QR Code on your phone and/or you may print and laminate a copy to keep in your wallet.

● Lost QR Codes will be resent at no charge, please do not register a second time due to a lost QR Code

● The NCIR will store your vaccine information including the manufacturer and Lot # (if supplied). Should there be a vaccine recall including your Lot #(s) you will be notified about the recall and what the CDC’s recommended actions are.

● NOTE ABOUT VACCINE RECALLS (should one occur): NCIR may add comments and clarification to notifications.



● The NCIR Paid Registration includes all features of the FREE Registration

NCIR will postal-mail a PVC (hard plastic, like a credit card) wallet card replacing the paper vaccine card (that does not fit in a wallet)

Card Front: QR code, ID info and vaccine data. The QR Code contains a link to your online form. Simply scan the QR code and your COVID vaccine card will be displayed

Card Back: a clear copy of your original CDC COVID vaccine card.

The PVC/plastic wallet card is a great solution where additional validation of your vaccination status is required. The card cannot be easily duplicated and contains hidden proof of authenticity.

The wallet card is waterproof and can be carried where a cell-phone may not be allowed or not usable, such as on a cruise or aircraft.

The wallet card provides a simple non-invasive method to prove your vaccination status and preserve this important data on a strong waterproof (replaceable) card.


Be freed from carrying your paper COVID vaccine card to prove your vaccination status


A great option for those
who do not carry a wallet

* Family, corporate and
quantity rates available


Protect your entire family
with our family-pricing
(select Paid Registration)

No Government Involvement!

The NCIR will notify you in case of a vaccine recall affecting your Lot #


NCIR issues wallet-cards printed on PVC/plastic, similar to a credit card.
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After Free Registration you’ll have an option to upgrade to a $10 Paid Registration.

The Free Registration gets you a QR Code for your phone (you can also print and laminate it). The Paid service gives you a really nice PVC plastic wallet card.

No gimmicks! Choose later. NCIR National COVID Immunization Registry

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